Heating Things Up & Getting Them Moving


So, on my previous post, I touched on some of the many ways one can utilize different types of timing to increase the effectiveness of your work. In addition, there are a number of things one can do to “turn up the heat” on a job (read as: working or spell) to intensify the situation and force a resolution, or make things happen quicker. Now, these suggestions aren’t meant to be used to satisfy the whims of your inner five-year-old. Sure, you could approach every situation like that, but the fact of the matter is, some things are better when they arrive in the sweet fullness of their own time. (Paging Mr. Masson, Mr. Paul Masson; your wine is ready.)

Of course, there are other situations where time is not a luxury one has. When you need the money to pay your gas bill or you are going to be freezing until your next paycheck, things are critical. As much as I like to rely on the spiritual to help with the mundane, there’s a limit. For example, I wouldn’t go gambling when I know I need that money to pay my gas bill and then beg financial rescue from Saint Expedite after blowing it all on the slots. What I am trying to say is, if you can avoid it, don’t put yourself in a critical situation in the first place; don’t expect that the spiritual is always going to bail your ass out. But I digress….

I offer the following in no particular order. They are all items and techniques that may be used to “heat up,” intensify, agitate, and remove blockages in workings. Enjoy!

Cardamom/Damiana/Cubeb Berries/Juniper Berries: Attract and intensify desire; used to draw sex/love and make a lover eager to “saddle-up.”

Coffee: It speeds everyone and everything up. It is also great at removing blockages.

Chocolate: Has caffeine and sugar; use when you want some sweet speed.

Ginger & Cinnamon: Used for love, business, and gambling luck, they ignite passion, create interest and buyers, and increase gambling luck.

Black Pepper/Red Pepper/Hot Sauce: These ingredients are the culinary definition of warmth, they will definitely heat up any working. However, they also have a tendency to irritate and inflame. So, be aware that things will come to a head quickly AND dramatically.

Lightning-Struck Wood: The wood from a tree that has been stuck by lightning is said to be, like lightening, a very powerful curio, capable of making the most impossible things happen at the speed of light.

Fulgurite (AKA Petrified Lightening): Fulgurites are created when lightening strikes the ground and fuses the mineral and organic materials it strikes into rocky formations. They are most commonly found along beaches where sand makes a ready formation medium. While any fulgurite can be used much the same way as lightening-struck wood is, the intact tube formations are said to be particularly special due to the belief that any wish whispered into one will quickly be granted.

Gunpowder & Salt Petr (an ingredient of gunpowder): Like the peppers, these ingredients will guarantee a quick and dramatic resolution, however, know that the resolution may also be VIOLENT.

Peppermint/Spearmint/Wintergreen/Catnip: While the nature of each of these are cooling they are also peppery; they intensify attraction thus good for money drawing and sex drawing.

Kudzu: Like Lobelia’s dual nature of being good for loving or hateful work, this bane of the South is good for fast or slow work. Reasons being, it has an incredible growth rate, but people and animals tend to become stuck in it. Make sure you are connecting to the speedy spirit of this plant when using it.

Using Things That Are Slippery or Slick: They remove friction and allow things to move easier, e.g. grease, slippery elm, okra, eels, and soap. Be mindful of okra’s and slippery elm’s tendencies to thicken liquids and again, make sure you are connecting to the slippery spirits of these plants when using.

Quick/Thin Sweeteners As Opposed to Slow/Thick Sweeteners: Sugar and maple syrup work quickly because they move quickly; honey and molasses work slowly because they move slowly.

Saint Expedite & the God Mercury: Both are known to work quickly when called upon.

Quicksilver/Mercury/Silver Dimes: Since quicksilver/mercury is highly toxic, it is no longer used in gambling nutmegs and other works for quick results; actual silver is used in its place. The silver most often used as nutmeg filling is silver “Mercury” dime filings. Silver dimes are also carried or worn for quick results.

Using Red & Yellow Candles Together Or Orange Candles: Red is the color of physical energy and yellow the color of mental energy, getting both engaged leads to quicker results. Orange combines both and is also the color of attraction.

Magnets as opposed to lodestones: Magnets are man-made and work at man’s pace. Lodestones are natural and tend to work at Nature’s pace.

Using Things That Cut or Are Sharp: Severe attachments and clear out blockages, thus encouraging movement around a situation and results, e.g. open scissors, ammonia, pine, vinegar, lemons and things lemony, abre camino bush, black walnut, sage, camphor, and eucalyptus.

Using Vigil Candles or Oil Lamps: Both burn continuously to keep the heat on a situation.

Applying Direct Heat: Heat the work up by applying heat directly to it, e.g. placing the work in the sun, burning candles on it, simmering it in a pot of water, passing it over an open flame.

Moving the Components of the Work — Stirring/Shaking/Sliding/Swinging/Rolling: Agitate the situation to make things happen, e.g. stirring a sweetening jar or shaking a souring bottle; move the work itself to make things happen, e.g. sliding candles towards or away from each other, swinging a jack ball, and rolling coins toward you.

Using An Analog Wrist Watch: Turn the hands forward to symbolically speed up time.

Using Keys to Symbolically Open the Way: Keys are associated with the crossroads, Saint Peter (the guardian of the Gates of Heaven), and are obviously used to open locks.

Perform or Bury Your Work At The Crossroads: In particular, a crossroads that doesn’t have any stop signs, or only one set of stop signs (the opposition has to stop, but you don’t).

Using Items That Are Kinetic In Nature: Base your work around the characteristic of a moving object or the motion of an object, e.g. toy race cars, pinwheels, weather vanes, windmills, the hands of a clock. The idea being that the movement creates energy and momentum.

Amplifying & Reflecting: Amplify a work that has already been done by repeating it; double the power of a work in progress by reflecting it with a mirror.

Symbolically Making the Target Uncomfortable: Apply weight or pressure to the work/target, hang or invert the target, play on the target’s fears, singe them with fire, prick them with pins, bind and gag them, cover them in shit, holler and cuss at them.

Symbolically Making Them Comfortable: May be used instead of, or alternating with, making them uncomfortable. Offer them sweets and a place of honor, treat them like a friend, and say nice things to them.

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